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Juvéderm Filler Gift Card

Skin Rejuvenation Clinique

Juvéderm Collection

Full lips, added volume, smooth, wrinkle-free skin…

It’s no wonder dermal fillers are some of our most popular injectables—they do everything from plumping and perfecting lips to smoothing out facial wrinkles in minutes, with natural results that can last for years.

At Skin Rejuvenation, we are proud to offer Juvéderm, the #1 dermal filler collection in the world! Juvéderm is a smooth gel filler made of hyaluronic acid, a natural substance found in the body that keeps your skin hydrated. Here’s just a few reasons we love this megapopular injectable…

- It hydrates and restores volume to your cheeks and lips
- It instantly reduces wrinkles and fine lines
- It makes skin look smooth, natural and youthful
- It comes in three different formulations for customized treatment
- It produces immediate results that last up to 2 years
- It’s safe and FDA-approved
- It’s minimally invasive, non-surgical and proven effective


For your lips… This is our #1 most popular injectable treatment! Perfect that pout with a little extra volume and shape using Juvéderm Ultra XC, with results that last up to 12 months.

For your face… Smooth out folds and creases around the nose and mouth (AKA nasolabial folds and marionette lines) with Juvéderm Ultra Plus XC, with results that last up to 18 months.

For your cheeks… Add natural-looking volume, contour and lift to your cheeks with Juvéderm Voluma XC, with results that last up to two years.


* Results and patient experience may vary. Every appointment includes a consultation to determine if Juvéderm is right for you.

* As a gift card, if your provider does not deem you an appropriate candidate for Juvéderm, you can use your gift card towards other services and products.

* If you're a member of Alle, you will earn points on qualifying purchases. 

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