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Mask culture is our new normal. Mask-ne (a.k.a. mask acne) does not have to be.The combination of friction, sweat, moisture, and bacteria can become a haven of inflammation and infection in the pores. Common skin concerns with mask-ne include breakouts, sensitivity to a variety of triggers, and facial redness.


Gentle Cleansing: Keeps the skin clear and contributes to healthy barrier functions. ARC Phyto-Soothing Cleanser or ARC Pumpkin Cleanser re our top picks for sensitive, dry, combination, or oily skin types with mask-related irritation. 

Serum/Treatment: Clarifying and anti-inflammatory support to calm the skin. ARC Advanced Repair is an all-in-one for redness, breakouts, and inflammation, and is suitable for all skin types. ARC Clearing Complex is a gentle oil-control treatment that exfoliates and promotes the skin's natural immunity against acne. This serum is best for oily skin and acne concerns. 

Moisture/Hydration: Promotes optimal barrier functions for clear, smooth skin. Yes, oily skin needs hydration to prevent breakouts. ARC Clearifying Lotion delivers oil-free hydration with tea tree to reduce breakouts and inflammation. ARC Advanced Recovery Cream is ultra gentle and soothing for normal to dry skin types. ARC Pumpkin Cream is an exfoliating night cream that addresses textural concerns and is the perfect alternative for people sensitive to glycolic acid.