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Injectable Treatments

To understand more about these procedures and how they can benefit your skin, suggest you start with a consultation. Your specialist is highly trained and will give you an honest analysis of the procedure, explain the technology behind it, and provide an understanding of how it can impact your skin. 



Botox and Dysport are brand names for type A botulinum toxin injections approved for cosmetic use in 2009. There is no difference in chemical composition. Dysport is less potent than Botox but can produce what’s known as a feathering effect. You need more of it to get a similar effect as Botox, but at the end, the total price of the treatment ends up being about the same. 

Botox Cosmetic, $12 per unit
Dysport, $4 per unit


Hyaluronic Fillers

- UltraPlus XC $750/syringe
- Volluma $840/syringe
- Vollure $750/syringe

Revanesse Versa $600/syringe



If you have been trying to get rid of submental fat through diet and exercise with little to no luck, Kybella might be right for you. It is a minimally invasive, non-surgical treatment for submental fullness and once the fat cells dissolve, they do not come back. Learn More >>


Sclerotherapy Spider Vein Treatment

Sclerotherapy is a FDA approved medical procedure that is used to treat uncomplicated spider veins and small varicose veins. A highly trained specialist, injects a prescription medicine directly into the vein, causing the treated vein to seal and fade over time. Learn More >>


Your San Antonio Facial Injection Specialists

A youthful look is defined by structure: shapely cheekbones, eyebrows that accentuate, large eyes, full lips, and a slender neck -- all of which change as we age. Fortunately, your team at Skin Rejuvenation Clinique has the multifaceted spectrum of care you need to help maintain a more youthful look and age gracefully. 

From injectables to laser, your Skin Rejuvenation Professional can replenish volume, smooth wrinkles, even skin tone, and promote collagen. Depending on the procedure, or combination of procedures, immediate results can last for months with long-term benefits for rejuvenation over years. 

** Prices are subject to change.