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Lash Extensions

Individual lashes made of synthetic mink or sable, eyelash extensions are attached to your existing lashes with a semi-permanent, specially formulated adhesive. Every lash extension is customized to the shape of your eyes and the desired length you prefer. 

Can extensions hurt my natural lashes? 

No. Your lashes will grow and thrive with extensions, and you can use Revitalash to further enhance your lashes. Technique is everything. Every lash application is a work of art and customized to your eyes. Our aesthetic lash professionals take the time a diligence to ensure the safest application that will not interrupt the lash cycle. 

The Best Lash Extensions in San Antonio

How long do they last? 

Longer than you think. You can have long and luscious lashes year-round with routine maintenance every 2-6 weeks–depending on your personal lash growth cycle. Your aesthetic lash professional will provide you with a care sheet and inform you about the best practices to protect your investment. 

What to expect during your lash nap.

This is a relaxing experience. You lie down in a ergonomic bed and close your eyes for an hour and a half while soaking in aromatherapy and soothing spa sounds. It's the most socially acceptable time to nap for hard working adults. 

Eyelash Extension Services at Skin Rejuvenation Clinique


Long, luscious, glossy lashes are a symbol of youth and vitality. Who wouldn’t want them? Now there’s no reason to go without them! NovaLash’s Custom Lashes allow you to create the lashes you have been dreaming about. By using different lengths, thicknesses and curl types your aesthetic lash professional will create a look that’s natural and beautiful. These lashes come in a variety of lengths.


Plug-and-play lash sets are the fastest and most economical way to get voluminous and fuller lashes. 


Beautiful, full, feathery volume the American way with varying lengths, textures and durability. Volume extensions have a smaller diameter than Classic extensions to allow for multiple extensions to be applied to one natural lash. The American Volume Extensions are made of a synthetic fiber that have a dark black color and a soft feel which gives consumers the look of a much thicker and darker lash line.


Mini-Fill / 30-Minute Touch-Up

1st Month Fill  //  5 Week Fill  //  6 Week Fill 


The “healthiest” professional lash extension system, this adhesive is like a liquid bandage that bends, flexes, and doesn’t break. 


Shower, steam, and swim-resistant immediately after application. 

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