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Skin Consultation

Progressive thinking and a passion for results, Tina and her highly trained aesthetic team are experts at treating common skin conditions.

Your consultation includes an in-depth discussion about your skin, where we learn about your goals and skin history. From here, you will learn about the right mix of products and treatment options to help you achieve your best look ever.


My Skin Consultation

What would you like to change about your skin? From aging skin to maintaining results, this is the overall goal you want to achieve. 

What are some defining characteristics of your skin now? Here’s where we unveil your skin’s history and tell you what we are seeing on your skin to target the path for your best results.

What is your current skin regimen and treatment plan? Share your current skincare regimen with us. We’ll give you a fair evaluation of your regimen and let you know if you’re on the right path to achieve your goals.

Discover your current health habits and how they affect your skin. Our nutrition and health all play an important role in how our skin looks. Learn how your diet, medications and certain medical conditions may be affecting your skin and what options are available.

How we see your skin and what can change it. Considering all variables and your skincare goal, we’ll share the best options to help you achieve your goals. This includes demystifying ingredients, protocols and procedures, and sharing with you how these options can save you time and money in your skincare investment.


Let’s Talk Beauty - Live Consultation 

A 30-minute, live consultation via video or telephone for $45; your fee will be available to use as a product credit for 48 hours after your scheduled consultation time.

Video consultation with one of our Aestheticians  |  Telephone consultation with one of our aestheticians

Email info@skinrejuvenation.com to schedule with a coordinator. Online bookings will receive a confirmation via email and phone call.



How does the video chat work? First, you must have a good internet connection and the ability to access Skype or Apple FaceTime on a desktop computer, tablet or smart phone. The device needs to have a functioning microphone and camera.

How do I prepare for my video consultation? First, choose a room that has great lighting. Your skin should be clean with no makeup so we can get a good look. Have your current skin care products nearby so we can identify the ingredients of your current regimen.