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Summer Ready

Hair Removal San Antonio - Waxing - Laser

40% Off Hair Removal

Valid 1/15/20 to 2/15/20 with Morgan and Bella. Restrictions apply. 

Skin Rejuvenation Clinique has over 25 years of experience delivering exceptional hair removal services and is nationally recognized for excellence in education and techniques in the beauty industry. 

Stubborn Facial Hair

WOMEN: Hormonal shifts can cause excess hair growth on the lip and chin. Deep-rooted dark hair can be successfully reduced with a laser hair removal series, eliminating your need to constantly shave, tweeze or wax. 

MEN: Thick beard growth can be difficult to manage, but a series of hair removal can help shape facial hair growth and reduce PFB, razor rash and breakouts caused by ingrown hair. 


Bikini and Brazilian

The ultimate experience for women who want smooth luxurious bikini lines. Waxing helps your hair grow back thinner and finer over time, and delivers long-lasting smoother results compared to shaving. Your Skin Rejuvenation Laser Technician will customize your bikini wax treatment to the amount of hair you desire.   




Preparing for Your Hair Removal 

For best results and maximum comfort, follow these little measures before and after any hair removal treatment: