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Beauty Vouchers

Permanent Makeup

Experienced hands with an artist’s touch, permanent makeup enhances your natural features and is fully customized to meet every man and woman’s needs. With proper maintenance, you can wake up looking amazing every morning.

Enhance your eyes with permanent cosmetics to make lashes look fuller and darker. Permanent eyeliner, in various thicknesses and styles, is customized depending on the look you hope to achieve.

From very defined, to soft powder brows, ombre looks, 3D hair strokes and even feathered brows, a full menu of brow styles is available for a completely customized look. Brow enhancements start at $400. Full eyebrow creation starts at $500. 

*Save 20% towards the base price of a brow permanent makeup application ($400) during event days when you pre-book your service.


Lash Extensions

Long, luscious, glossy lashes are a symbol of youth and vitality. Lash extensions allow you to create the lashes you have been dreaming about. By using different lengths, thicknesses and curl types we can create a look that’s natural and beautiful. At SRC, we use the “healthiest” professional lash extension system; this adhesive is like a liquid bandage that bends, flexes, and doesn’t break.

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