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Cloth-In-A-Box: Face It

Cleansing Cloth 

A cleansing, cleaning and exfoliating make-up remover for the face and neck.
Circular hand movements and microfibre fabric completely remove make-up, cleanse thoroughly, massage gently and exfoliate the face gently. 

  •  -  Works by just adding water
     -  Ultrasoft microfiber fabric
     -  Removes makeup and dirt
     -  Economical and reusable
     -  Environmentally friendly

  • The heart shape perfectly matches your face. Simply insert your hands into the pockets to exert the desired pressure and cleanse your face with a simple circular upward motion. Use FACE IT with water or a few drops of your cleansing lotion. Used daily morning and evening, the towel can help prevent premature signs of aging and promote skin cell renewal.

Type: Gifts