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Kiwifruit Oil-Control Powder Mask



Hyaluronic acid collagen and niacinamide condition hydrate and improve barrier function. The nutrients in kiwi fruit help balance oil production and provide antibacterial benefits for acne.   

Hyaluronic acid | Plump and hydrate 
Collagen | Antiaging
Niacinamide (B3) | Softens skin

PERFECT FOR: Softening skin texture, Acne/oil control and improving the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

SIZE: HA Activator 25g + Transparent mask powder 15g

INSTRUCTIONS: Mix powder and activator quickly in a bowl. Apply a thick even layer to the skin. After 15 minutes the mask will solidify and can be removed by peeling gently at the edges. 

Vendor: Vis

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