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ARC High Frequency + Essential Eye

Rejuvenating Skin Tech

High Frequency is a safe and non-invasive approach to improving skin health. Using electrical currents delivered via a glass electrode, High Frequency stimulates blood circulation to the skin surface, warms the skin, and converts some oxygen from the environment into ozone.

Rejuvenate with Pro-HF + Essential Eye  Pair your peptides with stimulating HF to improve the look of dark circles, crow's feet and puffy eyes. Use the Drop or Spoon electrode after applying Essential Eye. 

  •  -  Supports lymphatic movement
     -  Helps firming and contouring
     -  Helps reduce the look of lines and wrinkles
     -  Improves skin texture
     -  Helps reduce breakouts and assists with extractions
     -  Offers antimicrobial support for acne 

  • ARC Essential Eye Complex
    High Frequency Handle
    Oval/Spoon Electrode with Red Light for the Face
    Umbrella Electrode with Red Light for the Face and Body
    Drop Electrode with Blue/Violet light for Acne Lesions or Crow’s Feet
    Comb Electrode with Red/Orange Light for Hair/Scalp Treatment

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