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Revit-A-Lift + Rejuvenation 10

Orange Peel Skin Solution

The combination of dehydration and poor cell turnover contribute to this look on the nose and cheeks. Cell buildup around the pores enhances the shadows and makes the pores appear larger while dehydration adds a cellophane-like sheen to the skin, enhancing a rough texture and pore appearance. Good news, we have a duo that delivers a smoothing solution for orange peel skin and sun damaged skin.

Concentrated vitamin A in Revit-A-Lift delivers a 10x dose of retinyl palmitate to help infuse the skin with maximum regeneration without triggering inflammation. 

Rejuvenation 10 is specially formulated to refine skin texture and encourage collagen synthesis via a concentrated blend of potent antioxidants and retinol complex. 

Alternate the use of Rejuvenation 10 and Revit-A-Lift at night for optimal results. Wear sunscreen daily. 

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