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Smooth & Remove Olive Oil



Caron’s natural formula to nourish and calm the skin, Pure Olive Oil strip wax instantly softens the skin for a restoring wax treatment.

A high performance and economical wax, it glides on quickly and easily, won’t leave any sticky residue on the skin and can be used on all skin and hair types, but gives exceptional results when removing stubborn and coarse hair.  Get up to 35 leg waxes per 800g jar of strip wax!

800 g or 400 g strip wax

  • natural resin is filtered up to 5 microns and purified for compatibility with all skin types
  • nourishes and softens the skin for a restorative wax service
  • sets quickly, making it ideal for fast and experienced waxers
  • priced for the budget conscious
  • suits natural/holistic/green spas

Vendor: Caronlab